Life Insurance

Life Insurance pays a lump sum to your family when you pass away. The proceeds can be used to clear debt, pay off the mortgage, pay for children’s education or otherwise secure your family’s financial future.

Life insurance can be funded through your superannuation fund, or from your regular salary. This has implications for both cash flow and taxation (of premiums and pay-outs) and we help you decide which is right for you.

Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance

TPD cover pays an agreed amount if you are unable to work ever again, due to an accident, injury or illness. You normally have to survive such a catastrophe for six months before the insurer will make payment.

We help you understand and decide on important details, such as how being unable to work is defined and the tax treatment of premiums payments and pay-outs so you can structure your cover exactly the way you want it.

The value of this type of cover is to clear debts and the mortgage, make structural changes to your home if your condition requires it, or fund ongoing medical treatment and respite care to make your changed circumstances as comfortable as possible.

Trauma Insurance

Trauma, or Recovery, Insurance pays a lump sum on diagnosis of a serious illness. The illness must be one of the ones specified in your policy and the top conditions covered include cancer, heart attack and stroke.

Trauma cover has transformed the recovery experience of many of our clients. This becomes possible by removing financial stress so that you can concentrate on getting better as quickly as possible. It can also have the potential to fund treatment options that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford (for example, new treatments for cancer in the USA).

Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection, or Salary Continuance, Insurance pays up to 75% of your salary if you cannot work for a prolonged period, due to accident or illness. Your future earnings may well add up to more than the value of your current home, so protecting that future income is important for your ongoing financial health and plans for the future.

We help you understand and decide on important details, such as Waiting Periods, how long benefits can be paid for, whether superannuation should be included in claim payments and other policy terms.

Business Insurances

Got your own business? As an entity in it’s own right, and probably dependant on you (and possibly a couple of business partners) to keep the doors open from day to day, business needs a Risk Management Plan too.

We help you answer the tough questions, such as;

  • How will we run the business if one of the Directors dies?
  • How will we finance our succession plan now that the business is going well?
  • How do I pay salaries and keep the doors open if I get seriously sick or injured?

With clear advice around Key Person and Business Expenses insurances, we’ll make sure your business and the people that depend on you are looked after, even if the worst happens.