Your Financial Timeline

Laying the Right Foundations

  • Keen to establish the right foundations for a bright financial future
  • Saving a deposit for a first home or about to buy a first home
  • Wanting to protect themselves and/or their family in the event of illness or death (i.e. insurance and estate planning advice)
  • Looking to make smart investment decisions on their superannuation and surplus cashflow

Successful & Established Families

  • Couples aged 30 to 50, with school aged children
  • Earning good money and making good progress on their mortgage
  • Sensible with their finances and wanting to make smart investment decisions to help secure their financial future
  • Keen to work out what their next step is (i.e. share portfolio, investment property, SMSF etc.) but would still like to enjoy life and their success

Professional & Business Owners Thinking of Retiring

  • Typically, business owners or professionals in their 50s
  • Have worked hard and built up some investments
  • Ready to either slow down or are counting down to retirement
  • Excited about retirement but uncertain if they have enough to retire comfortably

Is Talking About Retirement

  • “Empty Nesters” with adult children, maybe considering a “Sea Change”
  • Talking about winding back or might have started working part-time
  • Have concerns about having to cut back in retirement
  • Might wonder if they have enough to retire on or if they have to work longer
  • Are over 50 years of age and wanting to enjoy life, not manage finances